Dancers say Street Woman Fighter 2 made dance more approachable

스포츠 2023-12-09 23:45:36 8294

Just a month since Mnet’s dance competition show “Street Woman Fighter 2” ended, the leaders of the show's seven dance crews say the show helped encourage more people to try dancing.

At a group interview in Seoul on Friday, they also talked about their time on the show as a springboard to bigger things.

“I've been having mixed emotions because I can’t believe the show is over. I think the show will continue to spread around the world as time goes. We are proud of being part of this show,” said Kirsten, the leader of the multinational dance crew Jam Republic.

“We are currently rehearsing for the Street Woman Fighter 2 tour. We were the first group to be disqualified from the show but we’ve received a lot of support from the audience. I think this is just our teams’ beginning as dancers,” Akanen said.

Akanen, the leader of the Japanese dance crew Tsubakill, was not able to attend the event but shared her remarks in a pre-recorded video clip.

The dancers commented on how the program helped make the dance scene more easily approachable .

“We are getting a lot of new students that come to learn dancing. We feel like the program helped lower the barriers to the dancing scene and we hope to make that scene much bigger,” said Bada, the leader of Bebe.

Bebe won first place in the show followed by Jam Republic and One Million.

“The show was a turning point in my life. I wonder if I’ve ever put so much passion and everything in my whole life into something as I did in the show. I discovered new things about myself and I hope to continue growing into a better dancer,” said Bada.

Lia Kim, the leader of the dance crew One Million, was also one of the participants who was highly praised for her team’s performance in the show.

“Our mega-crew mission received so much love that its views on YouTube hit more than 10 million. It’s surprising how our work can be loved that much and I am proud of our work. Before taking part in this show, I used to think that I was too old to create good dance pieces but this program helped me overcome such doubts,” said Lia Kim.

The program participants are set to go on a nationwide tour, “On The Stage,” beginning with its first show in Seoul next month.

“We are working hard on the tour. You will notice how our energy is even bigger when you see it in real-time at the concert. There are lots of special stages you can look forward to as we did not only prepare team performances but also a stage in which all of our dance crews take part,” said Bada.

“We are taking part in planning for all the stage effects and customs to make the moment memorable for the audience,” said Halo, the leader of the dance crew WoL’Flo.




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