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A documentary will give fans a glimpse at the making of Jimin's first solo album, his label Big Hit Music said Wednesday.

A teaser from documentary film “Jimin’s Production Day,” released on the day, showed the BTS singer engrossed in working on his EP “Face” in a dimly lit studio.

“Albums cannot be considered simply,” he admitted adding that putting together his solo album helped clarify what he should be doing from now on.

The film will be available on Weverse, a fandom platform, on Oct. 23.

Separately, he confided in an interview with Elle Korea that he not only found out how shy he is but also how much there is for him to do in order to improve.

“I have to be well prepared first before I can tackle with confidence,” said the musician.


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통일부 “남북 간 장기간 연락 중단 유감…정상화 촉구”

통일부 “남북 간 장기간 연락 중단 유감…정상화 촉구”