EBS' new nature doc to explore symbiotic relationship between nature and humanity

쇼핑 2023-12-10 00:02:54 6

Public educational TV channel EBS delves into the circle of life and greatness of nature with its upcoming nature documentary “Connection,” featuring plants, animals, marine life and more.

“Connection” is a two-part documentary series portraying how all living creatures are interconnected to one another in our natural world, and how they maintain a delicate balance with each other.

The production team spent two years filming across nine countries, including South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, South Africa, Kenya and Palau, according to the broadcaster.

Featuring high-speed shooting, electron microscope shooting and high-quality underwater shots, “Connection” presents nature ranging from bacteria-level organisms to mammals on land and plankton to mega-sized whales in the sea.

The program reveals how these living beings resonate with humans.

Actor Kim Nam-gil, who recently starred in Netflix’s action flick “Song of the Bandits,” is the narrator of the upcoming documentary.

“Connection” is to air on EBS1 at 9:55 p.m. on Nov. 27 and 28. The nature documentary will also be available on EBS’ official website.




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